10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a weirdo

1. You can’t stop using useful Japanese words.


2. Everything is natsukashii.


3. You forget what words aren’t English.

J34. You simply forget English words.


5. You use Japanese particles in your sentences.


6. You use Japanese English.


7. You talk to yourself in Japanese.


8. Your answers become more vague.


9. You make lame bilingual puns.


10. And lastly, you can’t help yourself.


75 thoughts on “10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a weirdo

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  2. I am a biker living in Chiba, Japan.
    This is a great site to understand how you guys are enjoying things Japanese.
    I also visited 40 states out of fifty in US and enjoyed many different characters on both
    people and cities there.


  3. You compose bilingual limericks – eg…
    There was an old man from Muroto
    For baldness used Kami-no-moto
    Poor fellow, he’s dead
    It went to his head
    More hair grew inside than did soto

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  4. You weebs are the worst. I speak literally five different languages. Yes this sometimes happens, but if you are having it happen this much then you are playing it up to make yourself feel better.


    • You “literally” speak those languages huh? 😂 no need to brag. Many people here speak more languages than you. Me for ex 😉


  5. 1 – 10 are all short-term effects. Long term effects are different. And worse. You see, in your gaijin bubble of specialness, you will be infantilized, no matter how good your Japanese is. For men, it leads to low testosterone and never actualizing fully as a man. For women, well, I am not a woman, so can’t comment first hand but let me just say that the ladies pay a price as well.


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